Meal replacements & weight loss: the healthy truth!


When starting any weight loss plan, the options for getting to your desired weight and body
shape can be huge and include faddy diets, detox juice shakes, creams and probably the
most popular diet or meal replacement shakes.

For years men and women have been lured into believing that getting to their dream
body weight just involves a couple of delicious shakes with one at breakfast, another at
lunchtime and a meal of actual food thrown in there for good measure. Times have changed
and people have moved on and started to understand that the best way to achieving your
desired weight loss goal is to follow a healthy and balanced diet which is rich in protein,
healthy carbohydrates and good fats combined with a regular exercise plan.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix to weight loss and it required dedication and discipline.

Are meal replacements healthy?

The biggest question around meal replacements is, are they healthy? The majority of meal
replacements contain at least 200-400 calories and unfortunately a good level of added
sugar, which believe it or not is not good for weight loss. In order to lose weight you must
try to create a calorie deficit meaning you need to try and burn off more calories than you
consume but this must be done in a healthy way and over a period of time.

How are our drinks different?

Here at The Protein Drinks Co we have developed a range of healthy and lean drinks
including Uslim weight loss shake and Ufit protein shake to offer a healthy snacking option
to ‘supplement’ a healthy diet of real food that includes plenty of healthy protein, carbs and
fat sources. The term ‘supplement’ is emphasised as that is how we want our drinks to be
viewed, they are to be used alongside foods and not instead of.

Let’s be honest, we all love eating but it’s about making more informed choices about the
foods we consume and here at The Protein Drinks Co we want to help you understand the
better choices to make.

Our shakes contain the highest quality protein and are based on being as natural as possible
meaning we do not add any sugar and any sugar in our drinks are in the form of natural milk
sugar that is low GI meaning that they don’t cause a rapid spike in your blood sugar levels.

Uslim is an effective, natural weight loss snacking option that contains just 106 calories
compared to the higher calorie meal replacement options and is also low in fat! The
combination of 15g of protein and healthy natural carbohydrates means that Uslim will help
keep you fuller for longer and away from those tempting, unhealthy snacks. Uslim is also
further enhanced with antioxidant vitamins & minerals along with natural green tea and
green coffee bean extracts to help support a healthier metabolism.

We recommend using Uslim and our other drinks in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet
and exercise regime.

Where to find our drinks.

We are lucky to be working with the UKs largest retailers including Tesco, Superdrug, Ocado
and Holland & Barrett to ensure that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, our
drinks are never far away to help support your nutrition and your weight loss plan.