We’re now available on Ocado.com & Amazon.co.uk!


We’re extremely pleased to announce that we have now partnered up with two of the biggest online
retailers in the UK – Ocado and Amazon! Our new friends are very excited to be working with us and
the feeling is mutual as we try and make sure that wherever you do your shop that you can get your
weekly hit of protein!

As we keep saying, our aim is simple, to make sure that whatever you’re doing and wherever you are
that we’re never far away. You’ll also see that our bank of educational and informative articles just
keeps on growing and they will continue to grow in our quest to spread the protein love!

Remember to keep checking the Amazon and Ocado websites for regular offers, we’ll also ensure
that we communicate all these fantastic deals through our social pages so make sure you’re part of
our community.

For now it’s over and out from us, keep following and keep spreading the protein drinks co word, we’re starting to make some serious noise!

Let us know what you think!

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always interested to hear your thoughts. Let us know that you have reviewed through posting on our
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