Protein – your weight loss alli!


Lots has been said about protein and its many benefits over the past few years as the mainstream public start to realise that adding additional high quality protein to your diet can help improve health in a number of ways.

One of the current hot topics is the importance of protein to those looking to lose weight and burn fat. ‘So how can protein help me lose weight’ we hear you say. Let us give you a bit if simple science as to why high quality protein sources should occupy the top of your shopping list if you are looking to lose weight and tone up.

Fighting off hunger

Consuming a diet that is rich in high quality protein sources can help you fight off unwanted hunger pangs as you go about your normal day. Protein has the ability to improve satiety which means unlike unhealthy sugars and carbs that generally cause an energy spike followed by a crash, protein helps you keep that feeling of fullness for longer. This in turn ensures that you are less likely to reach for the biscuit tin mid-morning or the vending machine late in the afternoon keeping you on the straight and narrow!

Top tip: Try increasing your protein levels by adding a little extra protein sources to each meals. Stock up on Ufit or Uslim drinks when you do your weekly shop and add one to your normal breakfast routine and another in mid-morning or late afternoon in between meals.

Choosing the Best Protein Sources

It’s important that when choosing protein that you opt for the leanest and most healthy sources that are going to give you more of the good with less of the bad. Go for protein sources that are nutrient-rich and lower in fat and calories, these include:

  • Lean meats
  • Seafood
  • Beans and pulses
  • Low-fat dairy

Variety is also important so make sure that you consume a combination of protein foods to keep things mixed up. This also ensures that you are consuming a full spectrum of the additional ingredients that some protein foods offer e.g. oily fish like salmon also offer a great source of omega-3 healthy fatty acids and beans or lentils are also a fantastic source of fibre.

Traditional protein sources aren’t usually grab and go which is why we have developed our healthy6 range of delicious protein drinks, allowing you to ensure that your protein fix is never far away when you are out and about.

The simple science of protein

We have established that protein can help keep you fuller for longer but let’s look at a little more into the detail of what happens in your body when you consume protein.

As soon as protein hits your mouth, it starts working on your waistline, sounds amazing right?!! Your body needs to work especially hard to digest and metabolise protein, which means that you naturally burn more calories as you eat protein, surely it can’t get better than that! Coupled with making you feel fuller for a longer period of time, this cumulative effect is a must for anyone on a weight loss diet.

When you embark on any weight loss diet it is important that you ensure you are losing fat and not muscle and we’ll tell you why. Your body utilises the amino acids that make up protein which not only strengthens the body and helps you increase your muscle tone but also helps turn your body into a fat burning furnace by raising your natural metabolism. So remember, more muscle tone = higher metabolism.

Start your day with protein

After a good nights sleep, you will have starved your body of protein for a good 7 hours meaning you need to feed it with a good protein source when you wake up to stop your body from feeding on your hard earned lean muscle for fuel. Remember, you need to protect your muscle to keep your metabolism in tip top shape so we recommend combining a high quality protein source like Ufit, Uslim, GoHealth or Collagen drinks with a healthy breakfast. This will keep hunger locked away for longer and ensure you get the best start to your day.