Ufit – Now just £1 at Tesco!


Is it really only £1 for a bottle of delicious protein goodness we hear you say…you bet your bottom dollar it is!!

For a limited time only you can now grab the goodness of Ufit for just £1 from
Tesco stores nationwide. This is our way of saying a little thank you to those
of you who have been raving about our products and a way of allowing those
who have not tried yet to chuck a few in your basket the next time you are
doing your shop!

For just £1 you’ll get all the goodness of 22g of high quality protein with added
vitamins, minerals and fibre to keep you on top of your day. Whether you’re
looking for a healthier snacking option on the go or something to help you
after training or exercise, grab a Ufit to keep you nourished from the inside

We’re after pictures of your Ufit moments so why not share a selfie or
an image of one of our drinks on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram
pages….there might be a little something in it for you!

Thanks again for showing Ufit some love and thanks for the awesome feedback
you’ve given us about the whole Protein Drinks Co family so far, there is much
more to come so watch this space!