Thank you, thank you, thank you…you are too kind!


So it’s been 2 weeks now since our official launch and The Protein Drinks Co team wanted to say a big thank you to all of you who have been out there buying our awesomely nourishing protein drinks! You have really inspired us.

Our aim was to provide something for all people of all needs and ensure that wherever you are there
is a genuine nutritious option close by to help you support a healthier lifestyle.

The reaction so far has been amazing and that’s down to our awesome customers and followers.
Thank you for letting us know what you think of our products, this feedback is invaluable in allowing
us to continuously improve and thank you to those who have taken pictures of our products in store
and selfies with our bottles…#shakeselfie #shakeupyourday #TPDC #protein…ok that’s enough of

Also a big shout out to our retail partners Tesco, Holland & Barrett, Chemist Direct and Superdrug
who have been accommodating and supportive during the launch period, helping make these early
stages the success it has been.

We have big news coming, competitions, challenges and general Protein fun so don’t go anywhere.
Keep posting those pictures on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages (include links here)
and keep that feedback coming, we are on a mission to spread the protein word far and wide in an
inspiring and fun way! You won’t want to miss this!

Thanks again!

The Protein Drinks Co.